The Chicago Experience: The Loop (A.M.)

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A new WendyCity tour is in development – and will debut Tuesday, August 15th!  Organically inspired and lovingly crafted, it will be a rich and varied experience of Chicago, all while on a morning walk in the Loop.  May I introduce you to:

The Chicago Experience: The Loop (A.M.)

The Loop is rich in history and full of stunning buildings, but this won’t be the conventional architecture tour.  I’ve been inspired to thread together crucial themes in Chicago’s stories while pairing them with what’s in front of our eyes.  We’ll be talking architecture, of course, but with a dash of Prohibition and Capone, a bit of music, a smattering of jewels, fine china, and gilded peacocks, photography and public art, urban planning and the “L,” legendary personalities, beer, and the skyline… and probably some poetry and pathos.  I’m pleased to report that the route and those themes have come together in a most delightful way.

As the title reveals, this is a morning tour (which means an evening tour might just have to be designed).  It will be leisurely and not rushed, with a 8:00 a.m. gather for coffee/tea, start walking at 8:15 am, and end at 10:15 am.

In the works:

WendyCity is partnering with the endlessly photogenic and historic Pickwick Coffee (22 E Jackson) for an aromatically delicious start to our morning.  Your choice of Pickwick coffee or tea is included in the tour price.

From there we will wander the east end of the Loop and explore said themes and a dizzying variety of buildings, inside and out.  Walking: about one mile, total.  Discoveries: potentially limitless.

Join me:

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays at 8:00 am. DEBUT DATE: TUESDAY, AUGUST 15TH

Tour start:  Pickwick Coffee (22 E Jackson)

Tour end:  Macy’s on State (111 N State) at 10:15 am

$50 per person

Limited to 8 guests.

Stay tuned for The Chicago Experience: The Loop (A.M.) …launching Tuesday, August 15th!


Featured image by Bob Segal.

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