WendyCity Retro Weird Chicago: Pronunciation at the Pump Room

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Oh, just a random conversation over gin and tonics at the Pump Room in 1954:

Fancy smiling gloved lady: Tell me, Commander, how do you pronounce Schweppes?  One or two syllables?  (A question prompted by perhaps one or two drinks…)

Suavely bearded Commander Edward Whitehead (“The Flying Schweppesman” – huh.): In England we insist on monosyllabic Schweppes, as in “peps.”  But, why quibble? Schweppes is now ordered in all kinds of languages around the world, so I’d say it really doesn’t matter how  you pronounce your Schweppes.  Just so long as you get it.

And she got it, alright.  Her question answered but her curiosity piqued, their body language speaking of their mutual interest…   So much the ad copy doesn’t say!  If only the walls of the Pump Room could speak.


Image courtesy of John Chuckman, Chuckman Collection Volume 17

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