Grit & Glamour: 1960s Chicago

0 Posted by - June 23, 2015 - Media Moment

I just discovered this video and had to share it: 10 minutes of early-1960s amateur film coupled with a swinging Sinatra soundtrack. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition: the sometimes dark, hazy, out-of-focus images with the perfectly sharp music.

Chicago is full of contradictions at this time, too: all the grit of its industrial past right up against the shiny-new of emerging modernism. It’s fun to see which buildings really stand out; the Board of Trade and Wrigley Tower look positively immense!  The Prudential Building has much of the skyline to itself.

The photographer drives along State Street, scanning all the illuminated storefronts, then makes a turn on Randolph to capture all its movie marquees and neon.  What a glamorous era!

(The last couple of minutes are in Springfield.)

Thanks to VETTE811 on YouTube.

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