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I didn’t know that 75 min can pass so fast. Wendy was a super guide, supporting us all with information, tips and a taste for more. Go, it’s worth every dime.

The Riverboat architectural tour is very informative. Our tour guide Wendy was excellent. A great way to see the beautiful architecture & water way. A must do when in Chicago!

Loved learning about my beautiful city from this fresh perspective. I was specifically grateful for our guide Wendy’s wealth of knowledge of architecture and the city itself and her professional, poised, yet engaging presentation style! Very enjoyable.

…what an amazing experience! Wendy, the tour guide, was very knowledgeable and informative. She provided ample detail without going overboard with information. …I learned a lot about the history of Chicago and spent a great evening on the river.

Our guide was Wendy, a former architecture student, and she did a terrific job in keeping us informed and entertained while viewing the spectacular buildings of Chicago. Even though I previously lived here, I learned a lot!

As someone who has little to no experience or knowledge of architecture, I was absolutely impressed by this tour and it exceeded my expectations. Chicago has so many interesting buildings and doing this tour gives you a better appreciation of all it has to offer and all the care and thought that went into building this great city. Wendy our tour guide made it exciting and interesting and was incredibly knowledgeable. This was the highlight of our trip to Chicago.

such an amazing river cruise. our guide was AMAZING. i believe her name was wendy, but i highly suggest her. very knowledgeable. if you only pick one thing to do in chicago, this should be it!

We took this cruise today and had an incredible time! We learned so much about this amazing city. Wendy, our tour guide was top notch, so informative & pleasant! Will do this again as often as possible.

The boat was so smooth and pleasant. I enjoyed the trip especially because of the amazing river improvements. Chicago cleans up well. Wendy the guide was so informative and talked for 70 minuets and the trip went so fast.

Wendy was an excellent guide for this tour. Informative, spoke clearly and easy to hear and understand. She had great tidbits of information about what we were seeing as well as information about what was being built. Great viewpoint to see the buildings. Much better than trying to walk or drive around.

A friend and I took this tour, and we absolutely loved it. Our tour guide, Wendy, was very well informed and we came away knowing and appreciating so much more than just “that’s a pretty building”.

Wendy, our docent, was lovely and had wonderful information about the city and the architecture. The cruise lasted 75 minutes and hit all of the highlights of the city. I have no complaints at all. Wonderful tour and well worth the price.

Wendy did a wonderful job. I have lived here for over 15 years and when my friends visited I went with. Learned so much!

This was the only river architecture tour operating during our March visit – understandable as it turns out because it snowed during most of the tour. Guide Wendy stayed the course in spite of most passengers abandoning the deck in favor of warmer cabin. Great info about styles of architecture, gorgeous buildings, and city’s history. Well worth the time and would go again.

Was very cold on our tour but we bundled up because we wanted to do it – it was our last day and was finally clear. Wendy, our guide, was great sharing her knowledge of the history and architecture of this wonderful city. Amazing experience – DO NOT MISS.

Wendy was awesome!!! Great trip, bit on the chilly side so bundle up. Our temp was 38. It does get a little breezy on the water but worth every minute of it.

Our tour guide Wendy was excellent and her knowledge of the Chicago architecture and history of the city was superb. She related well with the passengers and made the 75 minutes pass as if it were half that time. … Overall, this was a great experience!

I made an impulse decision to take the architecture cruise while on a business trip in Chicago. I’m sure glad I did! It gives you unbeatable views; the history to go along with this fascinating city. Our tour guide was Wendy; you could tell she has a genuine passion for the city.

We did the 7:30pm architecture tour from Navy Pier on a Sunday night (Marathon weekend) with Wendy! It was a beautiful night. The captain and crew were courteous and helpful and Wendy, the tour guide was awesome!! She had a nice voice (nice to listen to) and really knew her facts! Our 2 children, 5 and 7 years old were with us and they also enjoyed the tour and actually listened! Wendy really had us engaged for the full 75 minute tour!

Wendy was an excellent guide for this good weather experience. We left with a fantastic understanding of the various architects, their styles, the different eras from the history before the fire to after. A truly enlightening and enjoyable 1.5 hours.

A fact-packed afternoon on the water with Wendy as our enthusiastic guide! We learned a lot of fascinating information about the city on this architecture river tour – a great way to learn about Chicago – past and present.

I love this city!!! The buildings, the museums, the people and the river. Just like in the movies!!!  We had an Architecture River Tour with Shoreline Sightseeing. It was both educational and fun. Our tour guide Wendy was great! Thank you!  Enjoyed every single minute of the 75 min ride. A boat trip among the skyscrapers on this blue or green river is a must! If you are interested why the river changes its colour take one of the tours 🙂

Loved Wendy our tour guide! She did an awesome job in giving the facts, keeping it fun and enjoyable. This was one, if not the most entertaining things I did while in Chicago! I will recommend to anyone with even a slight interest in history or architecture! Truly enjoyable!

We went on the architecture and firework tour during Labor Day weekend and it was great. It has been raining but it stopped just before the tour. Our guide Wendy was great. She knew a lot about all the buildings and had a very soothing voice. It was nice going through the river and seeing the buildings from another point of view. At the end they took us to Navy Pier to see the fireworks and it was really lovely. Would definitely recommend this tour.

Our tour Guide Wendy, made the tour a delightful experience. Lots of history and notes about Chicago. I will do this again without hesitation

My wife and I weren’t too sure about doing this. After finally deciding to do so, we went on a tour. Wendy was our guide and she was wonderful. Very informative. We loved it. Highly recommend.

This was my 1st time visiting Chicago and a river cruise was first on our list. Shoreline was an excellent choice. The staff was accommodating and friendly! Our guide, Wendy was informative and bubbly and made the cruise enjoyable! If you are looking to have fun, book this!! #shorelinesmiles

Water, boats, history of the city, astounding knowledge of the subject matter, sunshine, pride and the ocassional smell of chocolate. Best tour ever. Wendy talked for the whole 75 minutes and was very passionate about Chicago. Rightly so, Chicago is stunning.

Our tour guide, Wendy, was absolutely amazing! She was very pleasant and knew so much about the history of Chicago. She made the tour very enjoyable. We learned so much in this 75 min boat ride. Thanks! Of course the architects were amazing. Fantastic job!

It was our first time in Chicago, and while looking for fun little things to do, we came across these cruises. My husband and I did both the architecture tour as well as the classic lake tour! They both were fantastic! Wendy, our tour guide, was so knowledgeable and made the cruise so informational as well as fun. I highly recommend going on a tour with her! We did the architecture tour during the day and did the lake tour at sunset. We were able to get wonderful pictures and views during these times. I highly recommend doing at least one tour while in Chicago!!

While in Chicago (August 16-17), I surprised my boyfriend with an architectural cruise on the Chicago River. He is a Chicago native, who has never taken this cruise and I am a HUGE fan of the city. The cruise was with Shoreline Sightseeing. This tour was fantastic! Our guide, Wendy, who has her Masters Degree in Architecture, was incredibly knowledgeable, very well spoken and engaging. I would HIGHLY recommend this river cruise to learn more about the history of Chicago and the Chicago River, its architecture and the over all beauty of the city from the river.

We decided to do the Architectural Tour on the river. Don’t be fooled by others. This is the best one. If you’re lucky enough to get Wendy as the narrator/guide then you’re getting The Very Best !! She’s so knowledgeable, smart, articulate and friendly. She knows the buildings so well and has insightful stories about most of them. Very informative and such a nice person. This tour was part historical, part sightseeing and all fun. You go down the river looking up at these monumental works of engineering and art. It’s awesome. I really thought it would be boring-but no way. We had a great time and will do it again when we come back next year. It costs $35 and lasts 1 1/2 hours. Well worth it.

We took the Saturday night tour that included fireworks watching. Amazing! Wendy was great! Sat back, enjoyed a cold beverage, very relaxing.

Wendy our tour guide was wonderful, very knowledgeable of the city’s history. 1st time in Chicago. My brother in law is a contractor doing work in the area, a few of his friends suggested the architectural tour.

Recently took this tour during a visit to Chicago. It was excellent! We did the nighttime river tour with fireworks. Seeing Chicago lit up from the river was spectacular. Our tour guide (Wendy) was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of interesting information on Chicago’s architecture and specific buildings. I would definitely recommend this tour.

Took the Architecture river tour at the recommendation of some friends. I would rate this tour as one of the best I have been in in the US and would recommend it to everyone
The tour guide Wendy was so knowledgeable about the city and so passionate it made for a very enjoyable 75 minutes that seemed to be over so quickly
Well worth a try!!!

We went on the night time fireworks cruise. We had gone on the daytime tour a few years ago. If you can do that first it makes the night one even better. I think her name was Wendy, but the lady who conducted the tour was excellent. They have a bar on the boat which is cool since the tour takes about 90 minutes with the fireworks.

Amazing experience of the architecture of Chicago river ride, thanks to our wonderful tour guide. Wendy was very Eloquent and passionate during the whole tour. Highly recommended to take the tour with Wendy as Your guide.

Our tour guide Wendy (hope spelling is correct) was excellent! The tour is very interesting with the best way to see the city of Chicago! If you are lucky you will get Wendy for tour guide everything she said was very clear easy to understand and to remember. Thank you!

We took the 730pm tour. That worked great. We got to see the city change from day to night. Very knowledgeable, pleasant tour guide (Wendy). This was a tour in the river, which was a great way to see many of the buildings.

Had a great time on the Architectural River Cruise. Wendy was our tour guide and you could hear the love she has for her city. We had perfect weather, calm water and was one of the best harbor tours I have ever taken. I would highly recommend this to ages above 10.

We went on the evening architecture river cruise which was excellent. The guide knew her stuff and really made for an entertaining and informative evening. Her name was Wendy. The city of Chicago is beautiful at night and this was a great way to see it. Before the cruise we spent some time on the pier which was also worth a visit. You can buy refreshments on the cruise which lasted 75 minutes. Definitely worth a visit. Highly recommended.

Wendy gave us a tour beyond our expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the public art in Chicago. ~Public art walking tour

The walk with Wendy was the perfect introduction to Chicago architecture. Chicago on the Sunday in late March was exceptionally cold, but the three hour walk with Wendy was most memorable and her knowledge about the buildings, the people behind them, and the interiors impressive. Whereas normal tourists would have watched most of the landmark buildings from the outside, we discovered some spectacular lobbies, decorations, and Tiffany ceilings. Her recommendation to add the Louis Sullivan and the Gold Coast to our program was a great piece of advice.  ~Private architecture walking tour

Wendy was such a great guide today. We needed a two hour tour on a holiday Monday, no problem, she said! I felt I should tell her up front that one of us was an engineer and pretty familiar with Chicago – this didn’t faze her! Also, we had a physical limitation of not being able to walk long distances. All of this she took in stride. She was extremely knowledgeable, but down to earth as she guided us through the “museum of architecture” inside the Loop, as she called it. Can’t say enough about positive her!  ~Gina, private architecture tour

Wendy delivered a 6 out of 5-star tour for us!! She hit all the highlights of the buildings we were interested in, then provided detailed background information on the stories behind the historical records, and most of all, she was a delightful companion and teacher. We would strongly recommend her to anyone interested in Chicago architectural history, or just looking for a truly entertaining walk through the various eras.  ~John, private architecture tour

Wendy was informative, enjoyable, welcoming–and great to look at. I thoroughly enjoyed her tour and it was a great way to be introduced to Chicago.  ~Katherine, private architecture tour

Great custom tour – Wendy lead us on a Chicago highlights tour that included great bites of Chicago’s most famous tastes and treats. Lots of interesting stories and history shared. Wendy is high energy and very personable and interacted well with our college-aged students, keeping them very entertained. What fun!  ~Susan, custom food and history tour

We are part of a group of seasoned travelers and tour participants. Today we had the pleasure of participating in Wendy’s tour of Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Wow, what an experience! Wendy guided us through the resting places of the rich and famous who made Chicago the city we all love. Marshal Field, Potter and Bertha Palmer, Daniel Burnham, Ernie Banks and more. The 90 minute tour was full of history and little know facts about their lives and the legacy they left behind. Thank you Wendy!  ~Robert, Graceland Cemetery tour

Wendy was amazing. She provided a funny, fascinating overview of Chicago and completely captivated a bus full of relatives in town for the Northwestern graduation. With an audience ranging from 21 to 90, Wendy was able to appeal to a wide range of interests and attention spans and always had a smile in her face. By the time our full day tour was complete Wendy had become part of the family. She was a highlight of our Chicago experience.  ~Michael, private city tour

Wendy arranged this two-hour tour for us at the last minute when I faced the fact that we always have trouble finding what we want to see in this fabulous museum and that stresses everyone. She also surprised us with tickets to the visiting John Singer Sargent exhibit. I told her what our group (ages 14 thru 75) was most interested in, and we saw and learned so much more than we expected. She also made great suggestions about what to see when we return there. –A special and relaxing visit.  ~Jane, Art Institute of Chicago tour

What a wonderful day we spent with smart and vibrant Wendy on the south side. We started with the Robie House, especially interesting as it is being restored. On the way we stopped at the lake shore and took in views of the lake and the city and many World’s Fair sites from a new perspective. Other highlights were seeing Lorado Taft’s huge and powerful sculpture, “The Fountain of Time”; a version of “The Republic,” the statute from the 1893 fair; and Henry Moore’s “Nuclear Energy.” Perfect tour.  ~Jane, private architecture tour

An enjoyable, educational, & fun tour. We went on a rainy morning, which didn’t slow any of us down. If anything, it got us closer to the design & decorations of the arches & overhangs of the interesting & iconic buildings of the Magnificent Mile. And the rain eventually stopped, so we still got plenty of exterior views & info. Wendy knows her stuff, very informative, and sociable & nice (all key traits for a great tour guide). We would definitely go again, and you should too. Thank You Wendy!  ~Laura, Mag Mile in the Morning

The docent was friendly and knowledgeable. She also wisely, due to the heat, choose a route with a fair amount of shade and places to rest.  ~Private Chicago history walking tour

Wendy was so fun and engaging! I’m a huge fan of Art Deco and I learned a lot about the style and history with how it relates to Chicago’s culture, from fashion to architecture. Wendy picked interesting and varied locations around the loop that showcased various aspects of the style. Great use of technology by showing how various parts of the city used to look or videos that illustrated particular venues and events. Can’t wait to go on another tour!  ~Sam, Roaring 20s: Art Deco & Decadence

Wendy’s 1960’s Night Life tour is a fun and enjoyable way to learn more about Chicago’s fascinating past and present. Wendy brings the 1960’s to life as you walk and talk about Hugh Hefner and the “bunnies” or the “royal” Palmers and their mark on Chicago’s past and future. Wendy has a lot of interesting information to share and clearly loves Chicago and is excited to share it with her tour guests. We loved that her tour ended at the famous Pump Room with an opportunity to imbibe in some food and beverages. Great way to end a delightful tour. ~Cathy, 1960s Nightlife in the Gold Coast

This is my second time on Wendy’s superlative tour. This time I brought along my sister from New York and thanks to Wendy she has fallen in love with Chicago (at least the Mag Mile!). This is a wonderful way to spend the morning with a knowledgeable, engaging and very funny Chicagoan and brilliant docent. ~Annie, Mag Mile in the Morning tour

Wendy was so informative and I felt that she really loves giving these tours. Very friendly, answered all questions and even gave us a wonderful tip for where to go eat afterwards!  ~Corissa, Mag Mile in The Morning tour

Wendy knows so much about Chicago and her love for the city shines through in this tour. We learned so much about the history of the city’s growth and the buildings as well as the colorful characters and incidents along the way.  ~Marcia, The Roaring 20s: Art Deco & Decadence Walking Tour

Our tour guide, Wendy was charming, knowledgeable and made the tour wonderful for both adults and older children.  Beautiful house, excellent guide, worth seeing.  ~Guest at Glessner House Museum

Wendy who gives this tour is very personable, very knowledgeable and very passionate about the topic, i.e., the Chicago theater and nightlife scene of the 1950s. She gives a comprehensive history and explains the architecture of the theaters, nightclubs and performers that were popular and shows photos to provide visuals along with the narrative. We ended the tour having drinks and snacks at the historic Palmer House while Wendy gave us an in-depth background of the Palmer family that had such a profound influence on the city, which continues to this day. I would recommend this tour to anyone who has an affection for that Sinatra-Monroe-Presley period in U.S. history, even if you weren’t born yet. An unusual and pleasant way to spend an evening.  ~Roberta, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Thank you for a great tour. The group was so happy with you.  ~Private group from the UK, custom tour

Very fun and interesting tour. Great way to learn more about Chicago’s fascinating past. ~Cathy, 1960s Nightlife in the Gold Coast

Great tour guide– very informative and fun!!  ~Kathy, Mag Mile in the Morning tour

Thank you for such an amazing tour. Actually, it didn’t feel like an excursion, it was like being out with friends…You have an extraordinary history of Chicago and such an engaging spirit.  ~Jayne, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Awesome Tour! We took the Magnificent Mile Tour…..amazing! Wendy provided so much information we never would have known about. Wendy was well prepared, professional, and definitely well informed. Highly recommend the tour!  ~Toby, Mag Mile in the Morning

If you’re a history buff or even if you just like good food and drinks, do yourself a favor and book a tour with Wendy!  My coworker had done a tour with her before and I’m so glad she suggested it.  Wendy changed her schedule around to do a private tour with us of the 1950’s Chicago.  She is a wealth of knowledge with a clear love of the subject matter and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  The pictures and videos on her iPad were the perfect way to help us travel back in time.  Wendy’s warm, friendly personality drew me right in and I felt like I was having a night out with a good friend.  Everything we ate and drank at the Berghoff and Palmer House Bar restaurants was outstanding, and it was clear that Wendy makes friends wherever she goes.  I hear she gives great restaurant suggestions aside from tour stops, too.  Thanks again, Wendy!  You and the tour were an absolute delight. ~Ann, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Very thorough and up-to-date information on the Mag Mile and Chicago as a whole. Good pace of talking and walking, balancing the historical with the anecdotal.  ~Karen, Mag Mile in the Morning

My husband and I as well as a friend had the pleasure to take Wendy’s 1950s Nightlife in the Loop tour this past week. Despite the rain Wendy maintains a sunny disposition and seems to have a genuine interest in learning about her guests. She is also open about her journey to how she started this tour company. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is maintained throughout the entire tour. The two stops during this tour were fascinating. My fav part is how she ends her tour.. A fun game if you will.  Two things strictly coming from our recommendations and not at all from Wendy herself. First, offer to buy her a drink she may or may not accept but with all the talking and hosting a cocktail is well earned though I know she wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t . Also if you’ve never been on a city tour.. It’s always customary to tip the guide at the end of a tour. She is worth every penny and more. So much so that this is the only tour (in addition to the river tours) you’ll need to take bc we learned so much and much of the same info was repeated on other tours, yet this is the most affordable.  ~Sally, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

We took the Mag Mile tour and after reading reviews and Wendy’s resume, we expected good things. WOW!  Best tour ever. Wendy’s knowledge of and love for Chicago comes out in a tour that is entertaining and detailed, including historical photos and even an historic recording loaded onto her iPad. A great tour with a personal touch.  ~Barbara, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy was great!  ~Diane, Explore Marshall Field’s

Wendy guided us on a fun & offbeat journey through the the colorful history of famed Chicago retail emporium, Marshall Field’s. She highlighted the holiday traditions that generations of Chicagoans have come to love, and shared fascinating stories about the men and women who started a retail revolution that swept the globe! Add the tasty Frango mints, the architectural gems ‘hiding in plain sight” and Wendy’s thoughtful selection of vintage media and we had a tremendously satisfying experience! I recommend the tour for visitors and locals alike!  ~Jennifer, Explore Marshall Field’s

Never had a better tour.  Wendy knows so much about Chicago and her love for the city shines through in this tour. We learned so much about the history of the city’s growth and the buildings as well as the colorful characters and incidents along the way.  ~Marcia, Mag Mile in the Morning

AMAZING!  If you want a personalized tour of Chicago, please call Wendy! She is knowledgeable, personable and FUN!!!! We had taken a Hop On and Off tour during the day to get a good overall tour of the city. Then spent 3 hours seeing some of the coolest buildings in Chicago. We ended up at the Palmer House and learned more about Chicago history than we could have EVER imagined.  ~Craig, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

My husband and I took two of Wendy’s tours and we feel so fortunate to have found her touring company.  We were taking our first visit to Chicago and were concerned about being overwhelmed with the city and all of its History.  I wanted to make the most of our time and see as much as possible.   We found Wendy on tripadvisor and  we took two tours with her first her Retro night tour which started us off at Argo Tea Cafe which had some history of its own where we were given  a special treat from days gone by.   Wendy showed us pictures and video and took us on a nostalgia night out in Chicago, We ended up at the Beautiful Palmer Hotel and learned the history of not only of the Hotel but of the Palmer Family.   The next day we took her two hour walking architectural tour of the Magnificent Mile, WOW, Wendy has so much knowledge of Chicago architecture and so excited to share it with us. again showed pictures of what it was like in the early days which enhanced tour Chicago  experience, the Chicago Tribune Building is amazing to say nothing of the beautiful church that is serene and spectacular right in the heart of the mile.    We ended our tour at the famous Drake Hotel which was worth our time all on its own.  It was like walking with a very knowledgeable friend thru the streets of Chicago, Wendy  really made Chicago come alive for us.  If we visit again we will defiantly take additional tours with Wendy.  ~Sandi, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy is an excellent tour guide. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fun and informative insight into Chicago history are architecture. ~Michelle, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy was great! She obviously is passionate about the city and sharing it’s history.  ~Ann, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy did a great job explaining the history and architectural buildings in Chicago. She was very professional, yet very personal. She gave us time to look around and explained things we would have never noticed, as well as tidbits of insider scoop! She communicated via text message to remind us of tour, location to meet, update her arrival time due to an emergency on her train. We always knew the status of our tour. We felt very cared for! She gave us great recommendations of places to go after we finished the tour. I would definitely recommend WendyCity tours to anyone visiting Chicago. I wish we would’ve had time to do more of the tours that she offered.  ~Laura, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy was very friendly and informative. Learned a lot about my favorite store and it brought back many good memories. I would recommend this to anyone who has a love of Chicago and a love for the “old” Marshall Fields.  ~Lenore, Explore Marshall Field’s

I have lived in Chicago my entire life (36 years) and I learned so many new things and saw amazing, beautiful places I never knew existed! When you live somewhere you don’t always take advantage of all it has to offer and you go about your daily activities missing all the beauty around you. Wendy is so knowledgeable and passionate and showed me all there is I am missing. I can’t wait for the next tour with Wendy City Chicago!  ~Sarah, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Wendy was very knowledgeable and presented the tour in a very friendly and fun manner.  ~Patricia, Explore Marshall Field’s

Wendy did her homework on the Fields Christmas tour. She put a lot into showing us so many details with pictures, dialogue and a video. Wendy took us through the different buildings of Marshall Fields. She pointed out historic fixtures, ceilings and notable shoppers from long ago to the present. Very interesting and most enjoyable tour. Thank you Wendy.  ~Mary, Explore Marshall Field’s

This was just a wonderful 2 hour tour, very in-depth with Wendy doing lots of research and showing pictures of by-gone days on her ipad as you walk. Very easy to walk and real quality time spent viewing buildings and the history behind one of Chicago’s mots famous avenues. She really goes above and beyond and gives a very entertaining and yet historically detailed tour. You also go into some wonderful historic as well as modern buildings. Wendy is an art history major with a focus on architecture. My husband and I truly enjoyed it and the price is very reasonable.  ~Diane

Wendy’s tour is awesome. She combines a wealth of knowledge and energy with interactive gems from her iPad to make the tour REALLY come alive. She is remarkable!  ~Mag Mile tour guest

My husband and I toured with Wendy one cold Saturday morning in January and it was a perfect tour in every way. Wendy is one of the most knowledgeable guides and she makes history come alive with her iPad. She was easy to listen to and she had great stories about the history of many buildings that we locals have walked past a thousand times. I was so thankful to have given this tour to my husband as a Christmas gift. We both loved it! It is perfect for locals and out of towners alike. Enjoy! ~Barb, Mag Mile tour

Top Shelf.  Wendy really knows her tour information. And she has a lot of fun doing it. I enjoyed spending the morning learning more about Chicago and all the cool buildings. Thanks so much.  ~Andy, Mag Mile in the Morning

Extremely informative, more intimate, smaller tour with opportunity for lots of questions on many subjects. Wendy is personable and enthusiastic. Knows her subject matter well. Would highly recommend her to anyone visiting the city. ~Mag Mile in the Morning tour guest

Great tour guide– very informative and fun!!   ~Mag Mile in the Morning tour guest

Wendy is refreshingly down to earth; she is extremely knowledgeable about all things “Chicago.” The tour was lots of fun and incredibly interesting. Wendy enhanced the walking/talking parts by sharing images and even music (!) on her iPad. I highly recommend this informative and very enjoyable Mag Mile tour! ~Annie M., Mag Mile in the Morning

We had a wonderful experience. Wendy was an awesome tour guide. Very professional and informative. We were lucky to have a private tour with Wendy. Highly recommend this event.  ~Dudley, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy was so informative and I felt that she really loves giving these tours. Very friendly, answered all questions and even gave us a wonderful tip for where to go eat afterwards!  – Mag Mile in the Morning tour guest

I toured the Mag Mile with Wendy … Wendy was FANTASTIC!  She is friendly, engaging, informative and clearly loves Architecture. I gained new knowledge, which I have been sharing, and completely the enjoyed the tour.  Take this tour, or any tour Wendy offers, as she is perfect for this profession! ~Jayne, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy was really interesting and had all kinds of interesting stories…   ~Bernadette, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

She is a wonderful host, full of knowledge and very personable. She made everyone in our group feel comfortable.  ~Lisa, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Wendy was an excellent guide–enthusiastic and well-informed. She struck just the right balance, making the evening seem like a fun outing with an extremely knowledgeable and sociable friend, rather than a standard tour. She had also gathered a collection of relevant historic images that she shared with us on her I-Pad–a very good way to enrich the visit. ~Ginny, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Wendy is a wonderful storyteller, making history come alive. ~Carol, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Walking with Wendy is WONDERFUL !! I just took my second tour with Wendy and have booked a private tour for my family next month. Wendy makes the city come alive with her knowledge and her shear love for the city. Her engaging presentations and enthusiastic attitude make her a stand-out guide. Her tours are well paced and full of interesting information about Chicago’s history, architecture, and important characters that made this city great. If you are looking for an experience that is both entertaining and educational – take a tour with Wendy City !! ~Michelle, Mag Mile in the Morning

If you want to get to know Chicago better, Wendy is your girl! What a great way to bring the city you love to live with great stories and visuals of the places and people that made Chicago what it is today! Wendy had us engaged throughout the tour with her knowledge and enthusiasm about the city.  Next time you are in the city take a Wendy City tour, you’ll love the experience. – A.T., Mag Mile in the Morning

Once again had a wonderful time, I loved the pictures making it much easier to really visualize the past. I also love being able to stop in venues along the way to get a chance to taste and drink the best the city has to offer. Wendy’s groups always have interesting guests too. ~Bernadette, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Wendy is awesome! She held a personal tour with us! Wendy knows so much and she is so much fun to be around! She has more insight on Chicago than most other tour guides. Don’t miss out! ~Lynn, Mag Mile in the Morning

Had a fantastic time on this tour last weekend. I went with my partner and was a little worried about a 7:30 am walking tour but it turned out to be amazing. We learned so much from Wendy and she made the whole thing very enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone currently living in Chicago, or any out of town guests who are looking for a fun morning adventure. Great way to start your day and so much fun information. ~Andrew, Mag Mile in the Morning

Wendy was FABULOUS! My fiance and I got to enjoy a pleasant walk through the city while learning about Chicago Nightlife in the ’40s and ’50s. Wendy was very energetic and informative. You can tell she has a passion for history and she doesn’t just tell “stories”. She makes sure she has the facts. It was very interactive with an open dialogue for questions. I loved that we got to have something to drink at Berghoff’s and then dessert at the Palmer house – so fun! I would recommend this tour in a heartbeat.  ~Samantha, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

Wendy is passionate about Chicago and Chicago’s legendary architecture, and her tours bring you right into that passion. The Loop is an exciting place to be and every block is festooned with great art and architecture. Walk these streets with Wendy and she will take you into the heart and soul of the great monumental buildings of Sullivan, Mies, Burnham and Root and many others. Her post-lunch hour tour gives you a quick and easy introduction to some of the great public art and landmark buildings (including The Rookery!) that everyone should see when they’re in this great city. The meet up with Wendy on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evening for a ‘Midcentury Nightlife on the Loop Tour’ that takes your group on an architecture walk that starts in the theater district and includes stop-offs for delicious apps at the legendary Berghoff and finishing up later with even more yummy food in the swanky lobby of the Palmer House Hotel. When we return, we’re definitely going to pick up where we left off with Wendy to find out more about this delightful city. A definite must-do! (Note: I’m talking about a couple of tours here, so the noon hour tour takes around an hour, allow a few hours for the evening tour.)  ~John P, Private Loop tour, 1950s Nightlife in the Loop

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Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano – WGN Radio – November 2014

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Gapers Block, July 2014

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