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The huge Merchandise Mart, completed in 1930,  is by the 1950s a “Famous Chicago Attraction” and, wow, you could even get lost inside … FOR 25 YEARS.

Look at this poor lad! This has to be one of the weirdest Chicago images ever.

A fully grown man, badly in need of a shave, stands before us in his way-too-small toddler clothing and beribboned cap, clutching his teddy bear and staring in confusion at his mother, whom he probably doesn’t recognize.  She is so overjoyed to see her “little boy” that her nose is aglow and twitchy.  (Nice flowerpot hat!)  Curious onlookers appear shocked and disquieted.

The whole scenario brings up so many questions…

Takeaway: Don’t get lost in the Merchandise Mart!

The designers at this postcard company had to have been under the influence of …something.


Postcard courtesy John Chuckman Chicago Nostalgia Collection

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